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GwenxTrent Club

This club is reserved to those who ship the pairing Gwen/Trent or still believe they could come back together someday. Anyone is free to join :)

:iconlibra-chan94: :iconaprifileney0099:


:bulletblue: +++RULES+++ :bulletblue:

:bulletblack: Must like GxT of course ^^
:bulletblack: If you submit, you must submit art that has the pairing in it.
:bulletblack: Crossover, Alternate universes, Original characters and gender bending are allowed.
:bulletblack: Mature work is accepted, except if it's restricted to viewers 18 and older.
:bulletblack: Respect is wanted here. Do not flame or harrass other deviants because they don't like the pairing Gwen/Trent. Everyone has the right to have their own opinion.







Inspired by :iconteam-kickass: I thought our group could do a Secret Santa event and I copied from their journal.

What is This "Secret Santa"?

It's super simple. A "secret santa" is a purely voluntary gift exchange where participants are randomly assigned a person to anonymously give a gift to, perpetually spreading the holiday cheer!


How to Join!

Note: Please only join if you are 100% committed to participating. We don't want to leave any people with a bare Christmas tree, so to speak. It's understandable if things come up or if life gets in the way, but if for any reason you don't think you'll be able to finish your gift in time, it's better to let me know sooner rather than later so that I can quickly find a replacement Secret Santa. (I'd prefer you avoid this unless your circumstances are dire...)

1) Make your wishlist in your journal. Label it something along the lines of "Secret Santa Wishlist".
2) Send a note to the #GwenxTrent-club group with a link to your wishlist. (It's easier for me to keep track of participants this way.)
3) Deadline is Friday, November 30th.

What Happens Next?

1) Participants will be assigned a number and their names listed below with a link to their wishlist.
2) On Sunday, December 2nd, I will send you a number via note. Find the number on the list. You are now that person's Secret Santa!
3) You are not, under any circumstance, allowed to to tell them what you're drawing for them. It's supposed to be a surprise!
4) Start working on your gift! Be sure to manage your time responsibly and to put forth your best effort.
5) From December 23-25th, you will post your gift on deviantArt! Do NOT submit your gift early!
6) After this, you will send 2 notes with the link: one to your person and one to me (so I can show them off in the journal and make sure you followed through).



:bulletred: I want my gift to be: A drawing, a piece of literature, etc. Be sure to keep it broad so your Secret Santa has more to work with. I don't advise asking for points or a print, since it's highly probable you won't get it.

:bulletgreen: In my gift I'd like to see: Here you list what you want to see in your gift. For example, a drawing of a character that you made or just happen to like. Or an epic story about how your character defeated Chuck Norris in hand-to-hand combat. :V

:bulletred: References: Please provide links to references. You don't want your Secret Santa to have to dig through your gallery to find out who or what you're requesting.

:bulletgreen: I will be willing to give: Are you an artist, writer, etc? It's important you let me know your strengths so that I can better pair you up with someone who requests your skills.


Here's an example of how I would fill out my wishlist~

:bulletred: I want my gift to be: Anything portraying my characters. A drawing, a story, or a comic. I'm happy with anything, really~:heart:

:bulletgreen: In my gift I'd like to see: My oc in a famous Total Drama scene
:bulletred: References: Here's a link to my oc's look…

:bulletgreen: I will be willing to give: A drawing, a digital painting, or a short comic.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments!
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